What is love?

According to the Oxford dictionary, love can be defined as,  "Intense or deep affection for someone; deeper or stronger than liking of something or someone." The urban dictionary states this, “The act of caring and giving to someone else. Having someone's best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life. To truly love is a very selfless act.”

Every day, love and compassion should be a part of our day. This is not just  to others but also to ourselves.  February can be a reminder to love. It is not to say that only during this month we should express love to ourselves and others.As you show kindness or buy a gift  for someone else on Valentines Day, please do not forget to love yourself.

What is it to love yourself? Simply this, be kind to you.  Respect yourself and require others to respect you as well. Know that you are loved and worthy. Know that you matter, no matter what others may say or how others may act. You were created to be a part of this life that you are in. You need to know and show this! Sprinkle your kind ways to yourself and others. Do not worry if people acknowledge the kind ways that you offer. You are doing it simply to be kind. This is healthy for your body and mind.

What can self love actions look like?

  1. Telling yourself that you love you!
  2. Paying attention to what you need and want.
  3. Taking moments to be intentional in eating healthy foods as much as possible.
  4. Taking moments to drink water for hydration.
  5. Taking time to pause throughout the day for a self check-in, to practice mindfulness.
  6. Taking  moments to exercise, even if  only for a few minutes.
  7. Having mindful showers and attire. Look and smell good for you every day.
  8. Taking time to educate your mind through reading or taking a class.
  9. Scheduling and following up with medical appointments for preventive care.
  10. Forgiving yourself when you might not have made the best choice when making a decision.
  11. Giving someone else a compliment.
  12. Saying, “Thank you” at every opportunity that arises.
  13. Showing compassion. (Be intentional in helping someone in need).
  14. Organizing your home (no matter how big or small) so that it is clean and free from clutter. Why should you be surrounded by clutter?
  15. Staying connected with healthy and encouraging friendships-relationships.
  16. Letting go of unhealthy-toxic relationships early. You deserve better!
  17. Working on letting go of unhealthy habits- over eating, not eating enough, drug use like smoking, excessive alcohol…..
  18. Being comfortable saying, “No!” or “No thank you.” Feel good about it-allow yourself to be comfortable with this especially when you know what is being asked of you is not the right time for you or it is simply not right to do.  I said, “No!” (No explanation needed)
  19. Taking yourself on a date. Do not wait to do something you enjoy because no one has asked you or no one is available. Be comfortable with yourself. Feel good taking yourself out to a restaurant of your choice, movies, a walk, festival….. Get comfortable enjoying you first.
  20. Having a mental health therapist in your contacts. Everyone can benefit from a therapist.

Let February be a reminder to not forget you. Yes, show love to others but don’t leave yourself behind. The more you take care of you the more you can offer someone else and the more you will enjoy your relationships.