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T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants in West Bloomfield, MI

At T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC, located in West Bloomfield, our goal is to help clients explore and identify tools that meet their individual, family or business needs. Our services are designed to provide holistic guidance in a supportive environment via telehealth or in person. 

Therapy modality options used include: cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, trauma focused therapy, solution-focused brief therapy and functional family therapy.

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T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC helps individuals, families, and businesses make positive changes and work on the goals that you decide are important.

About T.R. Liscombe | Family Counseling | West Bloomfield, MI - tr2
Tomeka Liscombe, L.P.C.
Licensed Counselor

Meet The Owner

Tomeka Liscombe,  is a licensed professional counselor. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Michigan State University and Masters of Arts in Counseling from Oakland University, Tomeka has pursued a career in psychotherapy since 2005. Tomeka has a strong history of helping children and families involved in the child welfare division and juvenile justice. Personally and professionally, she views mental health as just as important as physical health.  

As a professional counselor, Tomeka sees each of her clients as separate individuals with unique circumstances and perceptions. She believes that identifying and using treatment methods and services that match their individual needs is an integral part of the therapy process. She understands, actively supports, and utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in treatment to understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Tomeka also supports using Functional Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other treatment modalities. Tomeka has offered her services in both Florida and Michigan. 

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