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LLPC Supervision
Supervising LLPCs | Mental Health Training | West Bloomfield, MI - LLPC_Supervision

Clinical & LLPC Supervision 

For mental health professionals, clinical supervision is critical to sharpen your skills and become licensed to practice. At T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC, we offer supervisory relationships and LLPC supervision to trainees in Michigan. As an experienced provider, T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC, can help fully licensed candidates prepare for state exams, discuss cases, and speciality options.

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Are you interested in clinical supervision from our experienced team at T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC? 

Why is Clinical Supervision Important?

Primarily, clinical supervision is a requirement for mental health professionals. Supervising LLPCs has extensive benefits for both mentors and trainees. Instead of reading cases or witnessing therapy as an observer, you receive hands-on experience with real people with real issues, with guidance of your supervisor. With clinical supervision from T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC, you can learn by doing and glean feedback from a more experienced counselor. 

Our goal is to help you become an ethical, competent, and successful therapist. We go above and beyond for our trainees so that they have a solid support system, receive clear feedback, and overcome challenges. We’re dedicated to all of your clients’ best interests while allowing you the space to learn, grow, and develop your personal style. We’re here to help you tackle difficult situations, master new skills, and better serve your clients.   

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