It is so importance to take time to pause, be mindful and then proceed. This is a healthy daily routine to have at different times throughout the day. It allows you to slow down, refresh and relax!  It gives you time to yourself. It is your time, your self-care!

When you pause you can enjoy doing absolutely nothing but the feel and sound of your heart beat and breath. You can also reflect on the wonderful things you are able to do. It’s a time that you can acknowledge what you do have that you appreciate. How great is it too, to use the time to let go of those things that you can’t control so that you can feel lighter and free. A time to choose to let go of negative vibes from others, for example. When you use your time to pause you can also allow yourself to take a mental vacation. You can do this by visualizing your created safe or relaxing place, using each of your senses.

Here is an example of visualizing: I am smiling while relaxing in a  yellow chair under a colorful  beach umbrella. I see turquoise water and green palm trees. I feel warm sand under my feet and smell sun block lotion. I taste my cookies and cream flavored ice cream. I hear sanderlings , great blue herons and people of different races and nationalities laughing while playing in the water. I am at the beach having the best time.

When visualizing you  can add as much as you want. You try this for 30 seconds to a minute and as you continue to practice you can move on to more. Practice each day .

Taking a moment to pause, truly can allow you to see life, capture beautiful moments and let go of worry, for at least a little while.  When our days are busy or we are consumed in so much thought and worry we totally miss beautiful moments. Sometimes I sit back and just watch my family and smile when they aren’t aware.   Many times, especially early mornings, I step outside or just look out the window and enjoy the quietness and nature-looking at whatever I can capture.

It’s March and Spring is right around the corner.  Remember, to pause, be mindful and then proceed throughout your day as Spring arrives. Enjoy the sunny and warmer days, the blossoming flowers and leaves. Yes, cloudy and rainy days can be a great time to pause and be mindful too.  You can make those cloudy-rainy days feel sunny!