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There will be many opportunities to make some good and healthy choices in 2023. Here are ten to consider:

  1. When you wake up in the morning give yourself a hello with a warm hug. Tell yourself that today is a new day…a new start.
  2. Exercise even if you start with just 10 minutes daily. This is a reminder to be kind to your body.
  3. Commit to fueling your body with water for hydration. If you don’t do the recommended 64 ounces a day, at least start consuming more than you did in 2022. Treat your body well.
  4. Decrease the greasy foods and increase the fruits, vegetables, boiled, baked, and grilled foods. Your heart will thank you for this.
  5. Take time to pause to relax multiple times throughout the day. It can be just a few minutes each time. Remember-You matter!
  6. Get some sleep. Preparation for timely and healthy sleep starts when you wake up. Be mindful of how you go about your day because it can impact your sleep.
  7. Be careful what you read, what you view on devices, who you decide to socialize with regularly, and what you listen to daily. Is it good for your mental and physical health?
  8. Be mindful of your body language, facial expression, and tone as you engage with others.
  9. Be kind to yourself and others. When you see someone as you go about your day, say hello.
  10. Choose to offer kind words. Throw away harsh and hurtful statements. This helps your mental and physical health as well as those around you.

Remember that this New Year will offer opportunities for healthy beginnings!