Yes! You made it!  Let’s reflect just over the month of January. What did you do that worked? You made it this far, right? This is good news. Maybe it was easy or maybe it was tough but you did it! Celebrate what you did that was healthy for your body and mind and worked! It could be something big or small. Don’t think about being perfect because no one is! Think about what you did do that was a step in the right direction, that helped you to get this far. Keep going. Small steps turn into bigger steps.

Ten ways to allow yourself to celebrate your steps:

  1. Smile with a dance or wiggle. Snap those fingers or toes. Whistle. 
  2. Acknowledge what you are doing that’s working. Tell yourself, “Good job! Keep going! Be your own cheerleader or coach. It’s good to hear from others but also super awesome to empower yourself. We can’t always wait for others to cheer us on.
  3. Have lunch, tea, or coffee with people that are cheering for you, those that encourage and empower you and your steps.
  4. Consistently absorb positive-helpful information. What you see and hear is stored in your thoughts. Push the negative thoughts out by absorbing encouraging and motivating information daily.
  5. Journal daily or at least a few times during the week. Notice your progress.
  6. Show compassion and kindness towards yourself. Reward yourself for efforts and small wins.
  7. Be compassionate and kind to others. This can give you more energy and hope.
  8. Stay clear of those who have a negative vibe whenever you see or talk to them. 
  9. Gratitude. Focus on what you do have and less on what you do not. Express gratitude.
  10. Remember to acknowledge yourself, your efforts, and even the smallest steps. Keep going!

Celebrating small steps is vital to motivation.

Many small steps lead to bigger results.