Is it September already! How many of you have been thinking, “Wow, this year is moving!”?

This year is moving along. We have gone through Winter, Spring, Summer and here it is Autumn already. This is a wonderful time for self-reflection. 

If you have a journal, which is recommended, take a moment to review your journal. In reviewing, you can see your growth so far this year or see areas that you may still need to work on or both.   Any positive changes you notice, do not forget to celebrate them! Celebrate the big and small changes. You know the saying that you have to crawl before you walk. It is true, so highlight and celebrate your small changes. Before you know it, you will see the accomplishments of the larger goal you have been working towards.

In self-reflecting do not spend too much time dwelling on objectives or goals not achieved yet. Change takes time.  Acknowledge the need to keep going and congratulate yourself for not giving up. Again, do not dwell on what is not accomplished yet. Just keep going, one day at a time!

It is Autumn! Take time to stroll outside and enjoy this new season of beautiful changes in the weather, leaves and of course beautiful changes in you!