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Conduct & Antisocial Personality Disorder
Conduct & Antisocial Personality Disorder | Family Counseling | T.R. Liscombe - antisocial

Mental Health Treatment for Conduct & Antisocial Personality Disorder

No child has perfect behavior all of the time–that’s expected! As children develop, they see how their behaviors impact their relationships and grow empathy for their friends and family. However, if a child struggles with aggressive behaviors and a disregard for others, they may have a behavioral disorder. Consistent disrespectful, manipulative, and reckless behaviors can lead to the diagnosis of a conduct disorder (CD) for children and an antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) for adults. Oftentimes these behaviors can lead adolescents to involvement with the juvenile justice system. These personality disorders often occur alongside other mental health conditions, such as depression or ADHD. Those with ASPD often have a pattern of involvement with jail or prison. 

At T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC, our mental health professionals are experienced in counseling children, teens, and adults with conduct and ASPD disorders. Our goal is to support positive engagement and compassionate behaviors for the well-being of our clients and their families.

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How To Treat Conduct & Antisocial Personality Disorder

Behavioral disorders can be a difficult prognosis for both children and their parents. At T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC, we offer individual and family therapy to help improve and encourage healthy interactions. Our counselors are patient and committed to working for long-lasting solutions. Psychotherapy that incorporates cognitive behavior therapy can help individuals deal with stress, manage impulsive behaviors, and develop healthy coping skills. Additionally, family and group therapy can provide positive results by showing how to de-escalate conflict, evolve interpersonal skills, and foster empathy.

Conduct Disorder & Antisocial Personality Disorder FAQ

What are the signs of Conduct Disorder or Antisocial Personality Disorder?
Symptoms of these mental health disorders often include aggression, destructive tendencies, deceit, stealing, and rule breaking. People with CD or ASPD often behave recklessly, then blame others and show no remorse for their actions. While it’s normal for children to go through a rebellious phase, the signs that lead to a CD diagnosis involve continual, repetitive patterns.
What causes conduct disorder or antisocial personality disorder?
There is no one singular cause of conduct disorder or antisocial personality disorder. However, both biological and environmental factors may affect the development of these mental health conditions. Traumatic brain injuries, child abuse, genetics, and substance abuse can play a role in the cause of CD or ASPD.
How do you diagnose conduct and antisocial personality disorder?

While there is no formal test for diagnosis, a qualified mental health professional will evaluate behavior against outlined criteria. At T.R. Liscombe Family & Behavioral Consultants, LLC, our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors utilize specially-designed interview and assessment tools to evaluate a client for one of these mental health conditions.

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